Lacks Cancer Center and Just Pamela!


Here she is….happy to be through her surgery and happy to be in pink!  Lipstick applied, bronzer on….”can’t be looking ill” she says.  ” Do I need mascara since my eyes are looking so bad?”  No, we tell her.  A room of four SLPs.  Three of the four supporting, hovering, and loving Just Pamela.

Here is the news from today…….. Surgery went well with no flap required due to amount of tissue removed.  Some lymph nodes needed to be removed and Pamela is asking for prayer for continued health and healing.

Specific treatment options will be determined in a week.

She will be in room 4405 and would love visitors.

Peace, Joy and Blessings.



10 thoughts on “Lacks Cancer Center and Just Pamela!

  1. Kelly Rimbey says:

    Go Super Pam!! Love you girl, plan to see you tomorrow 🙂

  2. Suzanne says:

    Yay! So glad to hear everything went well. Wish I could visit!

  3. Linda Van Houten says:

    Thrilled to hear the surgery went well and that you are being your comical self. (yes they told me how you were acting when the SLPs came to visit) What a great attitude you have, you are an inspiration to all of us!!!! Continued prayers coming your way and sending hugs!!!!! God is Good!!!

  4. Love it! Pamela you look great in Pink! So glad all is going good! The power of prayer is awesome! Lov ya girlfriend!!!

  5. Clavel Kole says:

    Hi Supergirl! Thank you for allowing your picture to be taken. I’m so happy to see your face! It’s been a while. Also happy to hear that surgery went well! Many people are praying for you in NM! Lots of hugs!

  6. Diane Dunham says:

    Looking good Pam! Great to see that smile of yours.

  7. Wendy Bates says:

    Lots of people praying is so powerful! I got updates from Scott who called my classroom yesterday morning =)

  8. Rich says:

    Strained Cream of Tomato Soup Chocolate Ensure Milkshake with a Strawberry Banana Smoothie for lunch.She wants to “Bulk Up” you go girl !!

  9. Lori Simon says:

    Praise God! Pamela you are my hero!!

  10. Deb Homant says:

    So good to see your smiling face! 🙂

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