Being a Diva

Being a Diva

It’s “Just Pamela” here. I finally decided to do my own post. Don’t expect all that fancy schmancy writing like my friend Cheri, because I like to just say it like it is. First off, I need you to know that being a diva has a lot of perks! You get to lay around and have people wait on you, spoil you with wonderful gifts, and everyone feels obligated to say nice things about you. Seriously though, I have been overwhelmed by the generosity by so many people towards myself and my family. I have felt the power of prayer in action throughout this journey and the Lord has been laying new thoughts on my heart every day. Thank you so much for the prayers, cards, food, and visits. Yesterday, I looked out my window to see a friend holding a strange looking fruit wrapped in a pink bow under her arm. Who knew papayas have “healing” powers? The prunes will help my situation too! It gave me a smile which is why I posted this particular picture. Each day I meditate on a different scripture. However, today’s is not a scripture but a saying from a breast cancer survivor friend. “you are tougher than woodpecker lips”. That’s how I feel today – strong! It’s going to be a great day! Love, Just Pamela


8 thoughts on “Being a Diva

  1. Suzanne Krgman says:

    Cheri does “have a way with words” doesn’t she? You are looking great! We continue to pray.

  2. You are looking great Pamela! You are right the power of prayer is amazing! We will continue to pray for fast healing…..You Go Girl!!!!

  3. Not a bad write up Ms. Pamela. You look amazing and you are strong. So proud of you, all your courage, and incredibly grateful for your friendship. Hugs, hope, and peace!

  4. Kelly Rimbey says:

    so good to see your smiling face 🙂

  5. Sueann says:

    So great to read your post! Looking glam as usual! I like how Roxie made it in there too.

    • Just Pamela says:

      She photo bombed me! Yesterday I couldn’t find my heating pad because she was sleeping on it. She might be the diva of the house.

  6. Grandma Dawn :) says:

    Pamela, you look Great!!! You have that wonderful smile of yours:) God Bless and Prayers!

    • Just Pamela says:

      Thanks Grandma Dawn. Thank you for the meal. I loved all the different veggies. We have been blessed so much by these meals.
      Hope the kids are treating you well at school.

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