I went to see Pamela yesterday and I find that I always drag my feet a bit getting there.  I stall.  I postpone.  I make excuses to delay.  I have to get in the right place, find my gravity, and get connected to the One who has always made everything possible.  Just Pamela greets me in a cute night-gown.  Moving slower and a little more carefully.  I’m arguing via text with my newly declared adult son and Pamela, Just Pamela, continues on with getting dishes set on the table, asking me if I want outdated salad dressing, balsamic vinaigrette, or italian dressing.  I pass on the outdated dressing and go for balsamic.  She asks if I want fish (thank you Janelle) or chicken with cream based sauce (thank you kind person).  I go  for fish.  I’m still “conversing” with my son.  Pamela’s sons sit at the table.  Young men themselves.  Deep voices, tall bodies, and polite to mom’s friend.  We eat.  They talk.  I ask questions.  There is teasing, love and joy all wrapped up in a dinner prepared by others supporting Just Pamela.  Compassionate people helping make the burdens lighter.  Actions put to words.  Enormous amounts of kindness delved out in tangible ways that demonstrate how good we are as community.

Dinner wraps up and we talk about what we always talk about.  Everything and nothing.  Important things and no-so important things.  She has me read her devotional for the day.  “I don’t like that one”, she tells me.  “Why”, I ask.  “I don’t want to think about what God gives and takes away.”  “That is hard,” I say.  We continue talking and we remind each other how everything we have and everything that has been given can be taken.  However, God is still there in the midst of it all.  He is In today, in yesterday, and in tomorrow.  No need to worry.  No need to fear.  No need to be burdened with what is not meant for us to carry.  No matter what…blessed be the name of the Lord.  Pamela tells me that she wants to do something kind for others everyday.  She has her list for tomorrow.  There is nothing new there.  She is always thinking of others.  She always has a list.

Tomorrow Pamela has her follow-up appointment with Dr. Brader.  He will go over the lymph node pathological report , hopefully remove her drainage tube, and discuss next steps.  Pamela is asking prayer for clarity, wisdom, sleep, and peace as she moves forward. She asks for positive stories, endless messages of hope, truth from scripture and funny incidents to share.





3 thoughts on “Blessed…..

  1. Michelle Outman says:

    What a blessing you have been, I have been in Arizona last week so it was nice to know what to pray for and recovery is been up on my list for a while now!, Pam, hang in there, it could be running out of you. Lol. Actually, my dad is going in that direction since he is off Vicodin that bound him up so tight and now on OxyContin. But, finally able to lie back! See you soon!

  2. I am continuously praying for you Pamela. You are surrounded with many hearts and hands that care a lot about you. May the power of courage you have and the faith carry you to the next step. Oh, by the way, Alexis is ready for some “Diva Girl” time when ever you are ready. Hugs…..

  3. Grandma Dawn :) says:

    Pamela, my prayers are with you during your recovery time as every day you get stronger and stronger . I truly believe with the faith that you have and the power of prayers you will come thru with amazing strength! I have also learned that family and friends are just as important as they carry you thru your next step.

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