Following up

Pamela leaves a message today.  The drainage tube has been removed.  Her sutures are gone.  She wore 3 inch heels to her appointment to look all sassy and diva like.  She gained two pounds and wants everyone to know how wonderful “all that food” has been.

Her case takes a journey to the “tumor board” on Friday where treatment options will be discussed.  Right now, there will not be chemo or radiation.  Progress has been made in healing and health.  A well earned two pounds for Just Pamela.  No more tubes and a wound no longer requiring stitches.





I am wondering if the fan is still needed?

Oh, yes I did just ask that!




3 thoughts on “Following up

  1. Just Pamela says:

    Cheri, only because you went there with the fan, I am going to correct you. Staples are out, sutures are still in. Love ya!

  2. Cheri says:

    Oh fine…..I stand corrected, but you still haven’t answered the question. : )

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