Laughter is good medicine!

“It feels so good to laugh”, Pamela tells Diane.  I think of the verse, “a joyful heart is good medicine.”  Great truth to be embedded in the heart and mind.  A free gift and a warm hug all wrapped up in a simple Proverb.  Priceless like meals brought in on a cool day with offers of encouragement, help, and kindness from community who keep stepping up, lightening the burden, and bringing joy through the doors.

Pamela will have her case reviewed by a “tumor board” tomorrow.  Treatment options for her unique type of cancer will be discussed. However, part of the difficulty with finding the right treatment is determining the exact location and other important specifics of the cancer.  Monday she will talk to Dr. Brader about the results from the “tumor board” review, possible treatment options, and some next steps.   Right now, chemo and radiation are not on the treatment options list. Cancer was detected in one lymph node.



Now for a bit of “good medicine”.  Wahahahaha!  That is me laughing out loud!    Really hard!   A lot!

Just Pamela has been upgraded from this:



To This:

blow dryer


Pink is your favorite color, isn’t it?


Oh, yes I did and I’m still laughing.  Out loud.  A lot.

Love always.





2 thoughts on “Laughter is good medicine!

  1. Just Pamela says:

    If you we’re not such a good writer, I would fire you from your volunteer job as my blog writer. Let it be known that I am now filtering what I tell you. ;0)

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