Just Pamela


Pamela hands me this picture on Thursday.   “I’m giving this to you because it is a good picture of you, but a terrible one of me.”  Not true, I respond.

I took the picture with me to school to put in my office.  As I walk down the hall with it in my hand, one of my kindergarten students stops me, gives me a hug,  and says….

“What is that Mrs. Kwogman?”   She is pointing at my picture. I kneel down and show her.

“It’s a picture.”  Yes, it is Makenna.

“That’s you.”  Yes, it is Makenna.  She studies the picture intently.

“Where are you?”  she asks.  I am at my friend Pamela’s house.  It is her son’s graduation party.

“Is that Pamela?” she asks while pointing to Pamela.  Yep.  That is Pamela.

“She’s beautiful.” Absolutely! I tell her.  Makenna still studies and holds the picture.

“Her dress is pretty.”  It is a very pretty dress, I respond.   Makenna grins ear to ear.  Hands back the picture and walks to her class.

Pamela, You are beautiful…thanks for the picture.  

Ecclesiastes 3:11a He makes everything beautiful in His time…..



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