Still Waiting

Just Pamela here.  I gave Cheri the day off (sort of).  I did not receive a phone call as expected from the doctor today but you can be assured that I will call first thing in the morning.  I have a sense of myself becoming unleashed and getting rowdy about tackling this cancer.  

However, I was not just waiting around for news today.  I had a nice visit from my sister-in-law and her two precious grandchildren while we all enjoyed my “diva” package that came in the mail from New Mexico (thank you Clavel).  We stressed how “divas” are both SMART (who love to read) and SASSY (who love bling)!  Then my Goodwill girls (Cheri and Tammy) accompanied me to Gilda’s Club for my first cancer support group, where I met ladies who are in different stages of this journey.  I feel emotionally spent but in a good way, so I am going to keep this short tonight.  

“Give your worries to God and continue to step forward in faith one step at a time”


One thought on “Still Waiting

  1. Tammy says:

    The Lord gives clarity in the lack of answers about the next step of the journey.

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