Don’t be Hating

Don't be Hating

Christmas came early this year to the Boomer house. My crazy Christmas friend Jennifer helped me decorate my whole house for Christmas. Why you ask? Because I have plenty of time, a willing friend, no guys at home to stop me but mostly because it brings me HAPPINESS. I knew Jennster was the one for the job as she already has up one of her 5 trees and her daughters are named Joy and Noelle. I gave her all the awful jobs, like putting the lights on and fluffing the branches, and I used the big “C” as the reason I shouldn’t have to do such tasks (and it worked!) Thank you Jennster!

Dr. Brader called and said the test was negative for the C-KIt gene, meaning I am not eligible for the Gleevec medication. We will see what U of M has up their sleeve on November 20th. The adventure continues.

“Your future is not about statistics. It is about let’s enjoy the day.” (Bernie Siegel)


5 thoughts on “Don’t be Hating

  1. Denise says:

    I heard Christmas music today! Enjoy.
    Sure miss you!

  2. Diane Dunham says:

    Sounds like great news! Makes me want to put my tree up.

  3. Jennifer (A.K.A. Jennster) says:

    What a fun day together!!! So many giggles and wonderful moments. Only YOU Pamela can use the “C” word and make it hilarious!! Thank you for the perfect afternoon of fellowship and laughter. 😉

    Keep trusting Jesus ~ He is your strength and your hope.

  4. Kelly Rimbey says:

    very fun!

  5. Linda Van Houten says:

    Good for you Christmas decorating!!! I understand the Joy that lights and decorations can bring to a home. Thinking of you often and so glad you are going to U of M!!!

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