A Day Without A List~It’s A Beautiful Thing!

I told Pamela last night that the next blog post should be called …….A Day Without A List. Although, there is no way she would agree to the last part that I did add….“It’s A Beautiful Thing”.  This topic arose from my call to her last night.  I needed her.  Not because it was on a list.  Not because it was a should have,   a must,  or a have to, but because I needed her.  I needed her in the moment, spur of the moment, completely random, out of nowhere, drop everything and listen to me please in this moment phone call.  She, Just Pamela, listened, laughed, talked to me until I could be sane, rational, and breathe again.  (Yes, my nose was stuffed to the point of only leaving me my mouth as an airway, snotty tissues everywhere, swollen eyelids, hysteria cocktail….complete disaster).  She tells me my value is with God.  She tells me to not listen to the lies that untruth whispers and sends  doubt creeping in like a dark cloud.  She reminds me that God is there in the midst of the crap and also in the crap that gets dished out in shovel fulls.  I listen.  I breath in truth.  I hear God using her words to send a message of Hope.  Hope that was also heard in church yesterday on the first day of Advent.  Hope that He does work all things for our good.  Hope that says…. Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.

We talk some more about life, crisis over, a bit of balance restored after the  emotional earthquake.  Just Pamela lets me know she was going to write a ” to do” list for tomorrow, but is trying to just take in the moments that come, as they come, one at a time.  I can now laugh and I tell her that is best.  Why be pressured by a list?

“I hate lists.”  I tell her.

“I love my lists.”  She tells me.

“mmm? (thinking are you nuts, but didn’t say that out loud because she did just deal with my hysteria fabulously)

Just Pamela continues, “I like crossing things off when I get them done.”

“Too much pressure.”  I tell her.

“It makes me feel good to see what I have accomplished”.  She says.

“I don’t want to commit to all that.  What if I fail?”  I ask.

“Yeah, sometimes I never get through all my list because it is so long”.  She admits.

“Right…no need to put yourself through all that.  Although, I do make a list when I have a lot to do and it seems like I have to write it down somewhere”.  I admit and then add..  “But sometimes then I lose the list.”

“mmm”  She says.  ( I know what she is thinking….shes nuts!  But I’m not going to say that out loud because she was a mess a few minutes ago.)

Whether you are a “list” or “no list” person, may this Christmas bring you joy, peace, and hope as you take moments to be in the moments that matter most.

Blessings and Hope!



One thought on “A Day Without A List~It’s A Beautiful Thing!

  1. Well said Cheri! And Pamela, Hope is where the heart is and you need to stay focused on the Hope and your Faith. Don’t listen to the all the other. I find myself wondering off a lot too. I worry every day that there is going to be a time I don’t wake because of my heart. My fear gets in my way, but I make a list of the positive and make it through my day. then I give thanks to God for letting me be here another day. We will have to talk soon. I have never shared my fear with anyone. And maybe that is one of the things I should put at the top of my list. It all comes down to Hope and my Faith. But best of all is my family, friends, my church camp family and all who surround me to help me stay focused on Hope!

    Love Ya Girl!

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