Just Pamela here. No catchy title today. Just an update from the U of M tumor board that occurred on November 27th.  One positive (I think) is that U of M said there are more detailed tests to be done for the two different gene mutations (C-KIT and BRAF) that may cause mucosal melanoma. Originally, my tests came back negative.  If the more detailed testing comes back positive, there is a medication that will hold the cancer off for a period of time.  The medication would be used ONLY if it is determined cancer cells still exist.  Of course, my family and I are claiming that the cancer cells are gone.  We have sent them packing and told them to get on out of here!  :0)  I have another appointment at U of M on December 9th and a followup with my surgeon on December 12th.  There is one more test I need on my thyroid which isn’t scheduled yet.  Once all that is wrapped up, I am planning on returning to work and loving on my students by January 6th when everyone returns from Christmas break.  Sounds like a great time for a fresh new start!

Now that the boring medical stuff is out of the way, I have to share that I had the most wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  I smiled and laughed (usually at the expense of my family members) so hard that my cheeks actually hurt.  The weekend was filled with family connections, and I realized the importance of those relationships that we sometimes take for granted.  Sometimes we are less kind and forgiving to those who are closest to us.

Luke 6:31  Do to others as you would have them do to you.


One thought on “Update

  1. Pamela – So glad you’re getting good news, and that you’ll be back at CC…we crazy ladies really miss you! Merry Christmas and see ya’ in the New Year.
    Love, Katy McD:)

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