A Bump in the Road

Just Pamela here.  I was waiting to post until I finished a few doctor’s appointments.  The positive part is that Dr. Johnston from U of M was “impressed” with my surgery, healing, and followup care planned at Lack’s.  It was worth the 6 hours of driving to have that confirmation.  A big thank you to my sweet sister-in-law SueAnn for taking notes and putting up with my antics and to the Lewin family for housing us!

Today I encountered a small bump in the road to my recovery.   I refuse to view it as a boulder. The PET scan, bloodwork, ultrasound, and biopsy of my thyroid were not enough to rule out cancer.  While there is a good chance the nodule is not cancerous, the only way to know for sure is to remove it. I will have surgery to remove my thyroid on December 24th at noon at St. Mary’s Hospital.  I will only need to stay one night in the hospital.  Of course, the only available slot was Christmas Eve; otherwise, I would have to wait until January 13th and we all know I am not that patient!   My goal is still to return to work by January 6th.  Thank you, Laurie, for your note-taking, discernment, and friendly reminders throughout the appointment.

After I left the appointment, I volunteered at a bone marrow drive for a young girl, Bree Town, who is fighting leukemia.  I can’t imagine all she and her family have endured through this journey.  However, the community support was amazing – around 260 people signed up to be donors this evening.  How incredible is that!  My niece, Janel, came and is praying and believing she will be a match! Here are pictures of her daughters, Gracee and Hope, supporting the cause.  (this was the best picture out of 20 – how can it be so hard to take a picture when there is so much beauty to work with???)



We Bree-lieve – love that slogan!

I am completely veering off topic now.  I have a friend who is a dreamer.  She wants to live to be 112, own waterfront property, and travel to many different locations.   In the past we have discussed this and I told her I never really dream big.  Usually I just have “hope” for things that may logically happen.  She questioned me again about my dreams in an email today and then I read my Jesus Calling devotional:  “I am working on your behalf.  Bring me all your concerns, even your dreams.  Let the light of my presence shine on your hope and your plans.  Spend time allowing my light to infuse your dreams with life, gradually transforming them into reality.”     I have been questioning why my friend is a dreamer and I am not.  I  certainly believe God can perform miracles but maybe felt I was unworthy of them.  However, that is changing. I wrote my dreams down in my blessings journal.  Here they are for God, for my friend who encouraged me to dream, and for you:   I want God’s promise of abundant life. I desire to beat statistics and have supernatural healing.  I want the Holy Spirit to shine through me to touch other people’s lives in amazing ways.  I want to make a difference in this world in whatever way God sees best. I desire to have the healthiest, happiest and most loving marriage relationship with Richard.  I dream for my boys, RK and Drake, to not only have a personal relationship with God, but to have spiritual hunger – that they would lean on God and trust him during any trouble they may encounter.  I desire them to know God’s purpose for their lives and to passionately pursue it.  I want to see, know, and love my grandchildren.  I wish to travel to Hawaii, Denmark, Ireland, and Paris (in that order) and to have many new and varied experiences.  I especially desire to continue to dream  and to dream BIG.

Phil:4:13: I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me.




One thought on “A Bump in the Road

  1. Linda Van Houten says:

    What an inspiration you are to me and so many others. Times like these are so very difficult and yet we know that God is with you through all of it. Your faith and positive attitude is what will get you through and make all your dreams come true. I pray that your dreams will all be realized !!! – you deserve that because you are a Child of God.!!!! Take Care – thinking of you always!!!

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