Merry Christmas-Part 2

Pamela asked me to write an update. I feel pressure and told her so. I’m typing away on my iPhone which is adding more pressure. I told her I was worried about my writing reputation. She said, don’t worry about it… (Now I know you think that is her being nice, but just wait for the end of her sentence)….”I wouldn’t ruin my reputation for you”. I had nothing after that. She gets a free pass (for today). Ok.. So here is the update from Just Pamela from St. Mary’s

She had a thyroidectomy today. Her surgeon, Dr. Borreson, removed her thyroid and scraped her laryngeal nerve on the the left side. There was questionable cancerous tissue on her laryngeal nerve. She will find out the results tomorrow.
Meanwhile, she is handing out goodies to every hospital staff who walks by her room. She told the last patient care aid that “you should market that smile of yours”. She then quickly held up her wedding ring finger to let him know she was married. Just Pamela is still our “Just Amazingly Wonderful Pamela”

Blessings, Joy for the birth of our King, and Peace.



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