Medicated Misinformation

So I can’t blame Miss Cheri for incorrect information as I fed it to her.  However, I had just come out of surgery when I spoke to the doctor and it all got a little murky.  Luckily he called me on the phone later that night when I had a few more wits about me (although Cheri may disagree about this).  Dr. Borreson did not have to shave suspicious cancer off my laryngeal nerve.  However, he had to clip / cauterize a blood vessel that was very close to my laryngeal nerve.  At the end of the surgery, they tested 

the nerve with a device and it did not activate (meaning the nerve was no longer functioning).  Dr. Borreson said he looked at the nerve under magnification and it looked intact.  He felt perhaps the device was “finicky”.  He felt my voice sounded as it should post surgery.  We really will need to wait for the post-op followup to determine the status of my voice.  I feel as though it has already improved.  It is still softer and hoarser and it is hard to clear my throat but overall functional for conversing!  (hint, hint).  I also will not find out if it is cancerous until the follow-up appointment.  Because he ended up taking the whole thyroid, there was not a rush order put on the lab work.  Back to the waiting game.  

Believe it or not, I had one of the best Christmas eves / Christmas days.  I had lots of visitors and the most wonderful staff.  I had a goodie basket for staff  and visitors to pick treats from.  Lottery tickets and packets of gum were the hot items.  Courtney, from the kitchen, was a $2 winner!  I also asked each of the nursing staff who cared for me to share a tidbit about themselves each time they came into my room.  I found out all sorts of INTERESTING bits of information.  

If you are feeling bad for my family having to spend the night away from home, don’t.  They stayed at the Hope Lodge across the street where they played chess, pool, and shuffleboard.  They even had cable TV which is better than at home.  We packed sufficient munchies too.  They met a family from Minnesota who was also staying at the Hope Lodge as the 17 year old granddaughter was in a clinical trial for liver cancer.  Puts everything in perspective when you want to have a pity party for yourself.

Here is a picture of Team Boomer.  



4 thoughts on “Medicated Misinformation

  1. Jennifer (A.K.A. Jennster) says:

    Way to bring smiles to the hospital Pamela!!!! You are a blessing and your cheery outlook and sense of humor bring joy to all who meet you. Praying for you today and trusting for good news!!
    In His Grip,
    Your Christmas Friend ~ Jennster 😉

  2. Diane dunham says:

    Merry Christmas Pam!

  3. Cherie Locke-Fenton says:

    Merry Christmas Boomer Family. Pammie, I am so glad that your keeping upbeat and have your wonderful friends and family to lean on. Have faith, travel the long journey and know that we are all here for you always. Love, Jim and Cherie

  4. Deb Homant says:

    Merry Christmas, Pamela! Love the picture of you and your handsome guys all smiling! So thoughtful of you to be treating your caregivers while you were there. 🙂

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