Communication Conundrum

Just Pamela here. I have been thinking a lot about communication lately and how much we take it for granted. Obviously, being a speech language pathologist, communication is near and dear to my heart, but even I took it for granted.   On Friday, my phone quit working and I realized I was at home all alone with no phone, no car (two of them wouldn’t start that morning), no voice to yell, and Amish for neighbors. Talk about feeling vulnerable!  Drake reminded me that I still had the internet. However, since I don’t have facebook, that left me with email and waiting for someone to read it. We had a good laugh.  Bottom line is that I love to talk and even text, and I miss my normal voice and my phone! I know it is not the end of the world and I have been using this time to focus on God and my family more, which was probably the ultimate plan anyway.  

I have been asked when I plan to return to work, and I have stopped trying to put a date on it.  God’s timing is perfect, and I believe He will let me know when it is time.  Drake has been naming my changing voice.  Apparently, I went from the “old lady smoker voice” to the “helium-sucking munchkin voice”.  It is all very humbling but really a small issue in the bigger scheme of things. For all of you strong voice people, make your voices be heard today: whether it be standing up for what is right, encouraging another person, or just telling someone you love them!

Ps 19:14 May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pure and pleasing to you, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.


4 thoughts on “Communication Conundrum

  1. Denise says:

    Always good to hear from you! I miss you on facebook!

  2. Sarah Robinson says:

    Thinking of you today Pamela. You and your beautiful family are often in my prayers 🙂
    Love , Sarah
    (Jenny Lewins Sissy)

  3. Kelly says:

    Hey friend! I miss you. I texted you and them remembered about your phone :). I was going to call you but didn’t want you to use your voice. So just know I miss our talks. Maybe we could pick a time and live chat on google….seems with all the snow and cold I don’t go to work anymore so I’m pretty free lol. Love you!!

  4. Linda Van Houten says:

    Hi Pamela – continuing to think about you and the trials you have faced. I stand amazed at your strength, positive attitude and the opportunity you take to encourage others and allow God to work through you. Going from what Joel went through I know how hard the lack of ability to communicate can be medically but more importantly emotionally. You are an amazing person -but I know it gets very frustrating and that is ok. It is ok to say this stinks and I don’t like this — God will take care of you and yes his timing is perfect – continue to take advantage of this time and heal and rejuvenate yourself – you know those kids are going to be a handful when you get back —

    Can’t wait to see you and enjoy your great humor and your wonderful way of making a difference for the kids
    Take Care

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