Cancer Survivor and Miracles

It is a heavy title for this post but these are topics I have been enlightened on recently and wanted to share.  I struggled with the term “cancer survivor” and wondered when you can consider yourself one.  It seemed you would need to be declared cancer free by the doctors or at least be a few years out from your diagnosis and treatment to use the term.  However, I have learned you are a cancer survivor the day you are diagnosed.  You are a survivor the moment you realize God is bigger than cancer and you put your trust in Him. So let it be known that I am victorious over cancer and I am a “Cancer Survivor”. 

Another area I struggled in is miracles.   My faith is strong, and I believe God is capable of miracles. In fact, I have already witnessed many throughout this journey.  Yet, I did not understand why he does not answer everyone’s prayer for healing when He has the power to do so.  I want to be a believer and not a doubter but I think of the many people who have been incredible blessings, givers, and definitely entrenched in God’s work who still pass away from accidents or disease.  The basis for miracles was preached at church this Sunday and God’s desire is that each person would have as close of a relationship with Him as the father, son, and holy spirit have with each other.  Sometimes this occurs not through the healing of the person but through the effect of the person’s trials on others around him or her. Ultimately, you need to have a need, believe that good can come from a difficult situation, and be willing to do your part in the miracle.  Miracles can come in all different ways and may not be the way we expect it.  I had an overwhelming sense of peace upon leaving church.

I have been increasingly more joyful, peaceful, and hopeful. Last week I felt the answer to prayers. My thyroid medication is the correct dosage and my energy level has returned. I knew it the day I wanted to clean the basement storage room because who in their right mind would choose that task!  My voice sounds more like me and is getting stronger (the Minnie mouse voice only makes an occasional appearance) and my shortness of breath is a little better. However, I am still waiting on that spectacular singing voice.

I have been completing some of the smaller items on my bucket list. This weekend my friend taught me how to do her fancy card shuffling. She seemed wary that I would be able to learn it and felt maybe it was a genetic thing, like curling your tongue. Once I proved I could curl my tongue, she began to teach me. I conquered it and now like to impress my teenage boys with my newly acquired skill. So now I am looking for someone to teach me parallel parking. The card shuffling friend is definitely not up to the task. She doesn’t like riding in the car with me just because I almost hit a shopping cart corral in a parking lot once. Geez! Any takers on helping a parallel-parking-impaired woman?

Since my last prayer requests were definitely answered, I am asking for a positive oncology appointment on Wednesday and perfect timing and results of my PET scan. I am just so needy, arent’ I?

Romans 8:28 And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose.


One thought on “Cancer Survivor and Miracles

  1. Gretchen says:

    I love seeing Just Pamela pop up in my inbox! First, I think of my friend and smile! I just know that I am going to be blessed by what I read and know that my faith is going to get a shot in the arm, whatever the message. I smile and rejoice with you , Pamela in the victories…big and small! Take good care and rest in God’s love! See you soon!

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