Happy Valentines Day to Me and My Family!!!

I received awesome news today!  Dr. Brader called with my PET scan results and there was no metastasis beyond the original lymph node that was removed.  This is such amazing news because my chance of no metastasizing was very slim.  The spot on the lung from the previous scan did not change and they believe it is due to an old granuloma or fungal infection but nothing to worry about.  The area from the original surgery did light up but not as much as the last PET scan.  Dr. Brader felt it was because the area is still healing and was recently biopsied.  He felt it would have lit up more if it was melanoma rather than less.  However, I do need to have another PET scan in three months to check it out.  While I wish this area had not lit up, it does not take away from the greatness of this news and definitely calls for celebrating. 


8 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day to Me and My Family!!!

  1. Denise says:

    This is just such wonderful news! Thanks for sharing! We sure could use a lunch with Pamela soon. When are you coming in to visit?

  2. So excited about the results and sending you Love, Hugs, and smooches from the Dykhuizens. Happy Valentines Day.

  3. Jill Gilbert says:

    It was great seeing you tonight! Congratulations on your wonderful test results…I know how stressful the “waiting game” is whether it be attending doctor’s appointments, test results, returning to work, or feeling “normal”. Enjoy and savor each positive moment…however big or small. You are stronger than you ever thought possible!

  4. Deb Homant says:

    Terrific news! Definitely calls for celebration! Miss you lots.

  5. Diane Dunham says:

    Yesssss!! Missing you.

  6. ericavoeks says:

    wonderful news pam 🙂

  7. dianeh0 says:

    Great news! ♥

  8. Russ & Sara Tiller says:

    Pam: what great news and answered prayers. You are setting such an outstanding example for all of us to follow with your faith and courage! You will continue to be in our prayers for the renewed energy and voice strength. Just make sure you don’t abuse Rich and the boys in the process. (Sorry, you know I have to kid you a little).
    Love ya, Russ & Sara

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