Bucket List Items #10, #24 (partly), #43

Bucket List Items #10, #24 (partly), #43

Bucket List #10 – learn how to use chopsticks and eat a complete meal with them

Bucket List #24 – Try 10 different ethnic cuisines

Bucket List #43 – Travel to Florida to escape the cold weather

I completed a few bucket list items on my recent trip to Florida. Thanks to Bill W.’s tutelage, I managed to eat a complete Thai meal with only chopsticks. It was so delicious too! Only 3 more ethnic cuisines to go.

God blessed me with a fabulous trip to Florida last week. Not only did HE provide the people to accompany me and the place to stay, but He also provided the financial means to accomplish it. God is good! I was able to visit family and friends throughout the week. We made no plans but everything fell into place each day. We had perfect driving conditions (minus one incident to which the riders in my car are sworn to secrecy), beautiful weather, and encounters with the most pleasant people! Drake and I found sharks’ teeth, saw gators near our dock, and laid on one of the most beautiful beaches (Siesta Key) around. But mostly, we laughed – ALOT! My only regret is that I didn’t adopt this attitude of letting God handle all the details ten years ago!

While lying on the beach in my hat, glasses, UPF 50 long sleeved beach cover-up with a blanket over my legs (you get the picture), I realized I need to start a “Proud to be Pale” club. We could all congregate together under one huge beach umbrella. I am probably the only person to come back from Florida as white as I was when I left! I just remind myself that I will remain a “paradise woman”. My friend from Columbia said the first time she met me I reminded her of a “paradise woman from the bible”. Ha Ha. I think that is a kind way to say I am really white! Well, I am going to embrace my whiteness. Let me know if you want to join my club.

This Thursday, the 17th, I have my oncologist appointment. I am asking for prayers for discernment for the doctor and peace of mind for me. Just Pamela


2 thoughts on “Bucket List Items #10, #24 (partly), #43

  1. Life is awesome when God is in control! So glad you had an awesome time and created memories to last a life time. Being positive goes a long way and puts smiles on many faces. Enjoy life and smile makes a difference for others. God’s way is the only way…….

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