Surgery Results

Surgery has revealed that the suspicious spots were not lymph nodes but three small cancerous tumors, which were all removed.  I don’t really know much more at this time.  My next oncology appointment is Monday, April 28th which is when I will find out the next steps.  However, Dr. Brader was correct when he said the surgery would be simple.  I never quite trust that his pain level and mine are the same.  I asked him pre-surgery if he let the anesthesiologist know I was neurotic and to put me out good.  He said he didn’t use quite that strong of a word but did tell her that I was a “bit of a princess”.  Ha Ha  

While the results are a bit devastating to my family and I, I want to focus on the many positives.  I was so excited yesterday to speak with Hope who was my recovery room nurse from my first surgery.  She said she remembers me “distinctly” (hopefully in a good way). My luck turned even better when I found out my pre-op nurse was Nancy Gould. She was my nurse for my first surgery and she has the most gentle touch and kind spirit.  She was “suppose” to get off work at 4:30 but everything was running behind and she had to work considerably longer.  We really need to appreciate our healthcare workers who put in these long hours, sometimes not of their choosing. Finally, my recovery room nurse was Gina Wieczorek from Trufant.  How cool is that?  Her daughter was RK’s boss when he potato scouted so we had lots to chat about.  I felt as though I was in great hands throughout the whole procedure. 

I am thankful for those who stayed with Richard during the surgery and the prayers from so many friends.  Today I am at home and have already had a beautiful nap (nothing beats your own bed) and I have no pain, which I find so amazing.  I plan to take one day at a time, and today looks like a beautiful day to enjoy.  Bring on Spring!   Love you all, Pamela

Ps 107:1  “Give thanks to the Lord for he is good; his love endures forever.” 


4 thoughts on “Surgery Results

  1. Gretchen says:

    Dear Pamela! What an inspiration you are! In the midst of a storm, you see the positive and find a way to uplift others. Knowing that God has a plan, sending love and prayers to you. Enjoy this beautiful day…..and put on your princess tiara 🙂 You’ve earned it! Here for you, dear. Anytime and always!

  2. Denise says:

    You’re such an inspiration “princess!” Love you lots! Have a wonderful Easter!

  3. Linda Van Houten says:

    We continue to pray for miracles for you and trust God will take care of you! Easter reminds us of Hope in darkest of days so cling to the Hope as we Celebrate our Risen Lord on this beautiful day he has given us!! We love you !! and pray for peace and comfort always!!!! You are an amazing young women who is touching the lives of all the people you meet – as we can see Jesus through you–thank you for your courage and inspiration!

  4. Julie Stephens says:

    Pamela, I don’t even know what to say other than my heart is with you and your family. I so wish you had received better news! You have been through so much already. Let me know if there is anything at all I can do to help. You have my number! Give it to Richard….he can call anytime too! (and I really mean that!)

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