Bragging Rights

Bragging Rights When I look at this picture, I am amazed at how my baby has grown up. When did he get so much taller than me? RK and Drake are my pride and joy, but do they realize just how precious they are to me? Do they realize no matter where this cancer journey takes me, they are the driving force behind all my decisions? Do they realize that when I wake up, I am thankful for another day with them? I have to remind myself that as much as I love them, God loves them more and will always take care of them. It brings me peace and settles my mind.

I am going to use this blog to do some bragging about my favorite guys. Yesterday, I witnessed my youngest son open the car door for his prom date, Penny. Last week I saw him tie for first place in high jump only to concede the win ten jumps later upon which he went over and shook his opponents’ hand. I attended parent teacher conferences at the high school where he is a national honor student to hear what a fine young man he is becoming. And I just got a text from him telling me he loves me! He is funny, caring, and a creative-thinker.

While I was lying on a beach in Florida, RK spent his spring break working every day. This young man remains debt free as he pays for his college, car repairs, insurance and gasoline, etc, etc. After working or college, he comes in my room and entertains me with stories about his day. He will tell me even more if I actually feed him! He takes obvious pride in his work and thinks highly of those he works for and with. He is smart, witty, responsible, and loyal.

I thank the Lord for my wonderful sons and ask for the love, wisdom, and patience to parent them as He would want.


2 thoughts on “Bragging Rights

  1. Jill Gilbert says:

    You do have two wonderful sons! I am thinking of you and your appointment tomorrow…hoping for good news and peace of mind for you and your family.

  2. Julie Stephens says:

    You just made me cry, Pamela. Beautiful sentiments. Drake looks great in his tux. A very good looking young man to be proud of! Good luck today. I’ll be thinking of you!!!

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