Twenty (plus five) Years

Twenty (plus five) Years

Yesterday was Richard’s and my 20th wedding anniversary. I like to give myself credit for the five years we dated as well. I had to post this picture as it is probably the only time in 25 years that his and my outfits actually coordinated.

We celebrated by going to my oncology appointment, which went well. I always feel more hopeful upon leaving the doctor’s office. I will have a PET scan this Friday morning to determine if the cancer has spread beyond the pelvic region. My understanding is that if it has not spread, I will have radiation to the last surgery location in the groin to try to contain that area. I have always been told that radiation was not effective for this type of cancer but what do I have to lose, right?

Richard is taking me to my PET scan this time. During my IV infusion, I am going to have him watch our wedding video with me in celebration of our anniversary. In the past I have watched a chic flick with my girlfriend, so I had to be creative this time.

At first I was bummed that the PET scan was scheduled so soon. I wanted to delay the whole process. I have become attuned to pretending all is well until it is in my face with appointments, surgery, and such. Then last night I heard Dr. Brader’s words in my head about many insurances won’t even allow one PET scan, let alone three. Maybe I should be thankful that I am able to have this test to guide my care. I am so fortunate to have medical insurance too. We take so much for granted. Last week I was complaining to my girlfriend about my bad hair day when I realized “I HAVE HAIR”. Wow, it puts it all in perspective. Makes me be aware of how many of my words are uplifting versus grumbling.

So I have to go now because I get to take a bath for the first time in a week and a half, then I get to choose clothes from a closet full of them, eat breakfast from a multitude of choices, and then drive my dependable car full of gas to a job I love!

P.S. That will be my last selfie for a while, I promise!


One thought on “Twenty (plus five) Years

  1. Jennifer (A.K.A. Jennster) says:

    You are beautiful Pamela!!! I love to see pictures of you! Praying for good news! God loves you!! With love, Your friend for over 20 years: Jennster

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