Remember in my last post when I said I wasn’t scared of radiation, well that was the truth – THEN.  I am plenty scared now that I am more informed about where they will radiate and all that it may entail.  I met with Dr. Kane, a radiation oncologist, who seemed forthright, caring, and patient with me.  I believe him to have the best intentions.  We will do a cat scan simulation which will be matched with my latest PET / CT scan next week on Tuesday.  This will give more information about a treatment plan and whether radiation therapy is right for me.  He is tentatively proposing a total of 30 to 33 radiation treatments at Lacks – one treatment every day Monday through Friday until the course is completed.  

I am still trying to process all the information.  I am having difficulty wrapping my head around the fact that there is no research on my cancer to support this move.  The recommendation is based on data from radiation to patients with melanoma to the head and neck, which showed some success.  The intent is to kill the cancer cells in this region and minimally to at least alleviate the symptoms.  I feel torn.  The rational part of me says it makes no sense to take this drastic measure and the other part of me says I need to do anything in my power to beat this disease.  That is when I realized God has guided my steps this far and He can continue to do so.  I am asking prayers that HE would make the decision clear.    I am going to leave you with my favorite Dr. Kane quote, “We treat, God cures.”  


2 thoughts on “Processing

  1. Sueann says:

    We are here to lift you up in prayer sister! Love the Dr. Kane quote, how true. God will see you through as He has on this journey so far. I have grown so much in my faith along with you.

  2. Janet Galvin says:

    If you choose radiation, get some coconut oil. My radiologist couldn’t believe how good my skin looked. I used it when I got home from radiation, every night and every morning.

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