Being a Frequent Flyer

My pre-op nurse and I had a good laugh about my frequent flyer status in the OR. She thought I should get my name on the wall and I felt I should at least have VIP privileges. Even the registration person remembered me! I experienced more fear of this surgery than I needed to. It all went quite quickly and uneventfully. According to Richard, Dr. Brader said the surgery went well and he felt he removed all the melanoma (at least in that area). I again had two wonderful pre-op nurses. One of them had a similar medical history and we were having such a good time chatting, we forgot about Richard and left him in the waiting room for an hour. Whoops.

I cannot express enough positive remarks about the Hope Lodge, which is located next to the hospital. What a wonderful haven for families affected by cancer. It is serene, accommodating, and beautifully decorated. I will be staying there during the week until my radiation treatments are completed on July 16th. If you are in Grand Rapids, please stop by for a visit. I am looking for someone to fulfill another bucket list item – teach me how to play chess. An eagle scout crafted beautiful chess and checker tables as his eagle scout project and donated them to the Hope Lodge. I want to learn on that table! I am also looking for someone to watch the movie Sixteen Candles with me – an oldie but goodie! I found it in the lodge’s DVD library so it will be my guilty pleasure to look forward to this week.


One thought on “Being a Frequent Flyer

  1. Pamela, I am so happy it turned out so well. I want to come and visit, don’t play chess but I am a good movie watcher and a pretty good eater and talker. Name the time.

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