Surgery Again (such a repetitive title!)

After three doctor visits in the last week, the final decision is to remove the tiny tumor that has been present since May.  It is unknown if it is active cancer or not as it has stayed the same size throughout radiation and is too small to show up on a PET scan. So tomorrow at 2:15 p.m. I will have outpatient surgery to have it removed.  It is a simple surgery like the last one, and this time I believe it.  I am thankful I am able to have it done quickly so that I can start school next week.  Richard commented yesterday that it will be good when I am back to school. He knows it is good for me mentally to be busy and, of course, it is a job that I love.  That is priceless in itself. 

Regardless of how well I may be doing, depression / anxiety creeps back as the doctor appointments near. I found this prayer that really helped me the other day and I am going to share it.  Maybe someone else needs to hear it as well. The last sentence says it all!  Just Pamela



2 thoughts on “Surgery Again (such a repetitive title!)

  1. Denise says:

    Thanks for the update Pamela! Can’t wait to see you next week!
    Hugs and Prayers Always!

  2. Deb Homant says:

    Good luck to you tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing you soon! Love and prayers.

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