An Attitude of Celebration

While trying to capture the essence of these past several weeks, I decided “an attitude of celebration” describes it best.  I told the doctor today I feel the best I have in the past year.  I am back to my original weight, have a good energy level, and feel physically and mentally stronger. When I was first diagnosed, I felt overwhelmed by the “cancer world” that I was unwillingly thrown into.  Now I feel like I am truly living life with the cancer world visiting now and then. I can go long stretches of time without thinking about cancer and its effects.  Life seems balanced.

I had a good report at the oncologist’s office. The new symptoms I am experiencing appear due to the latent effects of radiation but everything else looked fine.  I am on the “watch” plan, which means another check-up in six weeks and PET scans every three to four months.  I like the “watch” plan, which is much better than the “radiate” or “cut into you” plan. After my appointment, I met with the spiritual care counselor at Lack’s.  At one point, she asked, “do you realize what we have been talking about? Normal life events- not cancer.”  It was a powerful realization of where I am at these days.

So here is what my normal life looks like

0926141559 (1)

My first ever solo parallel parking attempt.  I was highly motivated to make the parking spot work as I NEEDED to get raspberry pillows from Haan’s bakery.  If you have ever tasted these, you completely understand.  I may have left some rubber on the edge of the sidewalk but as long as I fit in the spot, it counts!

dad 037                  dad 034

Parent’s night at the football game: one of us looks so much happier to be there.  These pictures crack me up.  In the first picture, I am trying to get my teenager to recreate handing me the flowers but I guess there are no do-overs in a teen’s life. The second picture speaks for itself.   In the past, I would have deleted these pictures and kept the one in which we look like the perfect loving family, but I enjoy the “real life” ones so much more these days.


It may not seem like much but these harvest decorations bring me so much joy.  I came home one day to find Richard had surprised me by decorating the house for Autumn.   He scored big points for this one.  A simple but thoughtful act and one to be CELEBRATED!

Ps 147:20 Shout praises to the Lord.