Bone Biopsy

I was peaceful going into my procedure yesterday as I knew I would be sedated.  Sedated to me means asleep and unable to remember any of the process.  I had a slight freak-out when I found I would be sedated but awake for the procedure and that it was a biopsy from MY BONE.  The whole time I assumed the suspicious spot was in the tissue around the femur, not in the femur itself.  The radiologist’s spiel didn’t help my nerves either as he went into worst case scenarios for the procedure: possible blood transfusion which puts you at risk for HIV and AIDS and then possible emergency surgery to stop the bleeding, that the surrounding area could be numbed but not the bone so I may feel a sharp pain during the biopsy.

Well, I worked myself up more than needed as the process, while somewhat humiliating, was not that painful (at least in the scheme of other procedures I have endured).  I made the doctor tell me everything he was doing before he did it and at one point, he says “here comes the drill”.  It felt and sounded like a drill but with very little pain.  The doctor felt that he obtained a good specimen and I should know the results by Monday.  When I asked what it could be besides melanoma, he didn’t know and said to let the pathologists do their work.  An honest answer, but not the most reassuring one.

Richard receives the best husband award for his six hours of patient waiting, especially since I wouldn’t let him turn on the TV in my room.  He is a notorious channel flipper and will watch three shows at once, which drives me crazy.  We appreciate all the prayers and truly feel it is the reason for how well the procedure went and the peace we were able to keep despite all the unknowns.


One thought on “Bone Biopsy

  1. ericavoeks says:

    prayers for you pam u and your family

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