Biopsy on January 28th

My biopsy is rescheduled for January 28th at St. Mary’s Hospital. According to the nurse it will be an open biopsy performed by an orthopedic surgeon under general anesthesia. Let’s hope this time it delivers the needed information.

Last week I attended the Lacks Cancer Center Advisory Board meeting, which is made up of twelve patients and several employees of Lacks. The board’s purpose is to provide feedback on what the cancer center is doing well and in what areas they could improve. I feel blessed to have received such great medical and spiritual care at Lacks. There is a personal touch when the receptionist greets you by name before you’ve even registered and the valet always asks how you are doing. While I believe most staff are well-meaning, sometimes they don’t know how to best serve their clients because they are not the ones directly going through the experience. Even though we have only had three meetings, the center has already made numerous changes based on our feedback. Having our voices heard is empowering, and I feel privileged to hopefully make a difference in a future cancer patient’s life with these improvements.

I was quite surprised at the first board meeting when each person was asked to share an interesting personal fact. I was sitting next to Kenda Klotz, the clinical service director of Lacks, who shared that she grew up in the small town of Trufant. Probing further, I discovered she and Richard rode the same bus to school. What a small world! This weekend our internet connection was down, and you would think the world came to an end for my boys. I have to admit, at first I felt a little lost as well. But we settled in, and had the most splendid time just being together and playing games with friends. Sometimes it is good to get back to the basics.


5 thoughts on “Biopsy on January 28th

  1. ericavoeks says:

    prayers for u and your family pam keep being strong!

  2. Jill Gilbert says:

    Continued prayers that the procedure goes smoothly and that a “good” sample is obtained…You are stronger than you think you are.

  3. Sueann says:

    How wonderful you are on a patient committee! Good for you! Praying for good news on this upcoming procedure!

  4. Linda Van Houten says:

    Thinking of you today and praying for positive results tomorrow!! Still praying for a Miracle. Love you – God Bless

  5. Kelly Rimbey says:

    God’s got this my friend! ((hugs))

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