New Beginnings

Different chapters in my life have closed recently, so I felt the title “New Beginnings” was appropriate.  A successful and proud chapter was parenting my children through their school years. When I was first diagnosed, I prayed that I would be able to see my youngest son graduate from high school.  At that time I had been reading about my type of cancer and it did not seem likely.  I have since learned not to search for answers in science but to trust in God who is the only one who knows the number of my days. So I proudly share these pictures of Drake’s graduation from high school.  As a  past school board member, Richard was able to hand Drake his diploma, which made it even more special.

IMG_6028         IMG_6115

Another chapter that has come to an end is my work with Greenville Schools.  It is still hard to process even as I type this.  I submitted the paperwork for a medical retirement and felt as though I had come to terms with it as I removed everything from my classroom.  However, when the person from the retirement system called last week to tell me it was approved, I grieved all over again.  And then again when I submitted my letter of resignation. And then again when I heard another speech pathologist had been hired for my position.  I know many people dream of retiring and can’t wait, but it doesn’t feel that way to me.  I loved my job and being a speech language pathologist has been part of my identify for half of my life. Yet, I know this decision is what is best for my family and I.  I hold to the truth of Eph 3:20 “God can do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine.”   Who knows what adventures lie ahead?

I also completed my last immunotherapy treatment this week without much fanfare.  I will have a scan in two months to determine its effectiveness.  I will continue the infusions of the bone strengthening medication every four weeks indefinitely. The positives on the medical side are that my thyroid levels are now in the normal range, I am gaining weight, and I am beginning to sleep through the night without medication.

Currently, I have way too much time on my hands.  This was evidenced by the enjoyment I received from “scamming the scammer”.  I frequently get called from a person with an accent who claims he is from Windows and that my computer has a virus.  This time I played along as I pretended to yell to Drake (who was sitting next to me) to bring me the computer.  We pretended to argue that he was using it and needed it.   Then we set the phone down with the speaker on and went about our business.  Oh how we laughed to hear the person on the other end saying “hello?”  “hello?” every so often.   I sucked a good two minutes of his time before he finally hung up.  This is what my life has become so I definitely need to get a hobby. Perhaps you have an idea on how I could more appropriately spend my “retirement.”    Just Pamela

Prov 16:9  The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps.”