Taking it Easy


My friend emailed me this quote, and it really resonated with me as this pretty much sums up my life lately. Bad habits die hard so I do still make a “to-do” list every morning. Yet I give myself grace these days on whether or not the items on my list are accomplished. I feel tired A LOT, and there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to how much energy I will have in a day. I do my tasks when I feel a burst of energy and rest when it leaves me. Last week a friend came to visit. I was so tired but didn’t want her to leave so she took a nap too. What a gift!

I do not have any appointments until the end of July and I relish this period of time when I can enjoy life without medical interference. Emotionally, I am doing well as I have been visiting with friends and family and have had many events to look forward to doing.  Yesterday was my oldest son’s 20th birthday, and it is hard to believe that I am no longer a mother to a teenager but a young man! I am so proud of who RK is today.  Not only is he dependable, hard-working, and resourceful, but he is caring as well.   His only flaw is that he never cuts his momma a break when playing Settlers of Catan, cribbage, Dutch Blitz, Last Word, Scattegories, etc. (you get the picture!).

This will have to be a short blog as Richard keeps eyeing the clock and then me in my pajamas.  He has given me a departure time for today and I think he is doubting I will be ready in time.  I need to prove him wrong. In leaving, I would ask for continued prayers for healing, the right medical plan, and ease of my discomfort.  So long, Pamela