What Will We Do Without Pamela?


What will we do without Pamela?

We will love a little more deeply.

We will walk a little taller.

We will dance freely.

We will talk to anybody and everybody and let them know they mattered.

We will be kinder and gentler.

We will smile widely and laugh louder.

What will we do without Pamela?

We will be hospitable, joyful, and caring!

We will make lists and cross off each item.

(At least some of us will)

We will make sure each person we meet gets our

undivided attention, knows they matter, and leaves

our space smiling.

We will treasure children always and find ways to help them.

Generosity will flow easily from hands and heart.

We will read a whole bunch and then read a whole bunch more.

We will spend time with family and friends while working to make millions of

memories and moments that matter.

What will we do without Pamela?

We will find joy in moments and try not to worry

about tomorrow.

We will work every single day to make the world a bit better.

We will sing a bit louder, stay a bit longer, and say I love you a

bit more often.

We will make the time to connect and take more time to listen.

We will find out who people are and call them by name.

We will invite people in and not push them out.

We will practice more compassion and understanding and be

all the better for it.

What will we do without Pamela?

We will walk a bit closer, lean a bit harder, and find bountiful strength and courage

from our Creator and each other.

We will cry and hearts will ache.  Pain will dwell right along side joy,

but on some days


in many, many moments;

We will smile when we remember how blessed we were to have

been a part of Just Pamela.

Dear Pamela,

I want you to know, it was so easy being your friend.  I’m also really glad you’re no longer bossing me around from your bed or your cozy reclining seat in the living room.  You were like some crazed CEO from a Forbes Fortune 500 company.  Giving orders and people jumping up to do them.  Sarcasm oozing from you as you are reminding me in a room full of people that Tammy always does what you want and why couldn’t I be more like Tammy?  You were crossing items off your list as the days went by.  Making that list shrink with the help of many willing and loving hands and feet.

I’m really happy that you’re safely Home, pain free, and starting the next part of your journey healed.  It was honor to be near you as you finished this earthly journey with so much courage, guts, and sassy finesse.  You had so many cheerleaders cheering you on, prayer warriors praying, and lovely people sending love, courage, and strength from across the country. Food kept pouring in, too,  and you were right, your boys eat a lot!  There was also overflowing love, strength, joy, laughter, conversation, and kindness filling you and your house up.

You were Just Pamela to the very end.   Crown on your head.  Scepter in hand.  Issuing edicts to anyone in your path.  I was really nervous, holding my breath wondering what you and that scepter had in store for me. Scary…..thinking…..”Oh Lord, what is she going to command me to do?”

I’m going to miss talking to you every day and I think this “after” will be one of the hardest things I’ve had to do.  It’s already brutal. You made me better in so many ways, just by being beautiful you.  I’m really happy, though, thinking that your “Just Pamela” tribe got everything that you wanted done, in exactly the way you would have wanted it to be.

Farewell for now.   I’ll always think of you as one of the best things that ever met up with me.  



Hospice Care


Dear Friends,

I found this today.  The start of her final blog post.  She left the hospital with her always to-do list and writing must have been on that list.  She gave it a title and she put in the picture of her and Drake and I’m sure she had a beautiful-Just Pamela kind of post to write.  I don’t know exactly what her final words to you and I would have been. This is what I do know, she loved each and every one of you and she prayed for you if your were on her mind, heart, or in the contact list on her phone.  May you find joy and spread joy……….. Just like Pamela……..