Hospice Care


Dear Friends,

I found this today.  The start of her final blog post.  She left the hospital with her always to-do list and writing must have been on that list.  She gave it a title and she put in the picture of her and Drake and I’m sure she had a beautiful-Just Pamela kind of post to write.  I don’t know exactly what her final words to you and I would have been. This is what I do know, she loved each and every one of you and she prayed for you if your were on her mind, heart, or in the contact list on her phone.  May you find joy and spread joy……….. Just like Pamela……..



2 thoughts on “Hospice Care

  1. ericavoeks says:

    miss you lots pam. Im glad you don’t have to suffer anymore.

  2. Jeanette Christensen Emmons says:

    What a beautiful tribute Cheri has written above.
    Today I still have tears … Reflecting on your journey and its’ sweet ending at the gates of Glory!

    Pam – it dawned on me that as my youngest cousin I was actually old enough to have been your mom. You came along several years after I had graduated high school, married and living too far away to know you very well.

    But…last night at the celebration of your life, I
    was given a deep look into your life and the joy
    with which you lived it — blessing so many many
    all along the way.

    I believe you were dancing in the hallway of Heaven as you learned several names were
    entered into the Lambs’ Book of Life as they
    received Christ through the Gospel presented
    at the conclusion of your Memorial Service!

    What a wondrous post script to your life
    well-lived — showing friends and family
    the way to Christ.

    Others knew you better … I knew you “later”!
    Looking forward to sharing Heaven with you one
    day in the future!

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